Friday, May 25, 2012

late 20's are the best, happy birthday to me

this post is really just a picture story of how fabulous my birthday was! i started the morning with a hallway full of balloons and presents from husband {so sweet!}. i enjoyed my birthday flowers and birthday plant from friends while opening presents. husband and i biked to brunch at ruth's diner {check it out if you are in the slc area, so good!}. i got a beautiful watch from my parents. we drove up to park city to meet with friends, stopping on the way to enjoy the scenery. had delicious dinner and cupcakes to top off the night. a very happy birthday indeed!

the pictures are a mix of phone pics, and camera pics, not the best quality, but good enough.

happy friday everyone!

love, kbn

{oh, and sorry for the small font on my last post... complete blog fail on my part, i'm still learning!}

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