Monday, May 7, 2012

monday diy: lamp shade make-over

the ugly before:

 the better after:

as soon as i moved into my apartment and had one look at the ugly light covers in the bedroom, i knew they needed a quick fix. i shopped around for a drum lamp shade that would work with my fixture. i ended up buying one at home depot for about $15 in a nice beige color that would go with anything. 

i only encountered a couple issues. first was finding a shade that was wide enough to fit the original fixture. i had a bit of trial and error at first with a shade that didn't fit, but did my homework before heading back out to buy another by taking measurements, be sure yours is about 1-2 inches larger than the fixture you are trying to make-over. i also had to make sure i got a shade with a harp and fitter that would enable me to connect it to the ceiling fixture. if you don't know what i am talking about, visit this site for some helpful tips on lamp vocabulary. 

i would still like to get a piece of plastic to glue onto the bottom to act as a filter, so the brass findings aren't showing. i figured since it is an apartment, i might use the drum shade in the future on a standalone lamp, so i didn't want to alter it too much to begin with. 

it is so much nicer not having those ugly light bulbs showing through the top and it brings a bit more character to an otherwise boring apartment light fixture. 

here is the before and after once again. so much better!

has anyone else done some quick-fix light fixture make-overs? it is a great way to amp up your apartment without paint, or permanent changes. 

love, kbn

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