Wednesday, May 23, 2012

organizing my life

organization - something i always strive for, but never seem to get around to doing in my personal life. i am always making lists... list after list of things to get done every day, they get crumpled into my bag, my planner, the kitchen drawers... i found this idea on pinterest, there are even free printables if you go to this site. i figured i could make one myself, that would suite my needs a bit better as well.

now i am able to write down my weekly goals and daily to-do's and keep them nice and neat on a clipboard so they don't get lost, crumpled up, or thrown away.
i started this week, to write my weekly and daily goals down at the beginning of the week for each day, and i can check them off as i get them done. if i don't have the time to get a daily goal finished, i can re-write it for the next day, until i actually complete it. 
we will see how long this lasts, but since it is also pretty, i can keep it on our desk, so that i don't have an excuse not to use it.

you can easily make your own:
you can use pages {on mac} or word, and write {your families} weekly to-do list at the top. i write the days of the week, followed by a few lines next to each and insert a shape {box, circle, star...whatever shape you want} to use to check off as you complete.

you can personalize your own by then adding lists at the bottom of the page, i added have to do, want to do, and weekly goal to mine. you can also make yours personal by playing around with your fonts and making some bold, italic, underlined. you can print one off each week and consolidate all your crumpled lists into one nice looking one!

another organization thing i have done lately is organizing my receipts. it is easy to do, and something that i never usually get around to, until now. i made it easy, by getting two small kassett bins from ikea... they are made from cardboard, only costing $10 for a set of 2. you put them together yourself and can write on the labels {or leave them blank}. i wrote receipts on mine and specified which receipts go where to make it easy for me and husband to organize. we just throw our receipts in the bins when we get home and they organize themselves by date since they get placed on top of each other. it is nice to have a box dedicated to travel receipts since husband gets reimbursed for travel expenses when he travels for his cycling.

two easy and useful organization ideas that i think anyone can handle.... one step at a time, and soon i'll have my whole life organized {wishful thinking!}.
happy wednesday!

i celebrated my birthday yesterday, so on friday i will update on that with photos of all our adventures.

love, kbn

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