Monday, June 25, 2012

thrift store stool makeover

you remember those $8 stools i bought at the thrift store, in this post? well, they were well overdue for a makeover. i decided if i was going to go with spray paint, i might as well go bold! husband's reaction when i told him what color i was painting them was less than enthusiastic. he just doesn't understand that color can be a good thing. i personally think they turned out great!

the before:

they were not only that standard unfinished wood on top and white paint on bottom, but they had seen better days, with staining and fading on the top of the stools.

the during:

when painting, i used a drop cloth and cardboard outside to save the driveway from being painted and save fumes from flying around everywhere. i primed them with valspar primer, using two thin coats, after using deglosser to get all the dirt and grime off. you are supposed to be able to skip sanding when you use this deglosser. it worked great and saved me a step {plus, i'm not a big fan of sanding}. i used a valspar classic red paint in gloss to spruce up these beauties!

the after:

i think they turned out well. we already have pops of red and blues in our kitchen area, so it just helped to bring out some more colors. we obviously don't have the fanciest kitchen in the world, but that is apartment living for you. i would love to get my hands on those cabinets, change out the linoleum floor and put in hardwoods throughout... just day dreaming until we have our own little home one day.

here is another before and after for your monday viewing pleasure:


happy monday everyone! oh, and does anyone out there in blog world know of a good sealer to protect my wonderful paint job with? husband is worried he is going to get a red arse every time he sits down.

love, kbn

Friday, June 22, 2012

thrift store finds makeover

i spent almost a full day spray painting most of my thrift store finds {and some other things i had lying around the apartment}. i didn't know how much fun spray painting could be! the pier1 trays i bought, found in this post, got an orb paint job and look amazing! 

the above photos clockwise from the top left: gluing the splinters down with super glue, the before shot of the trays, trays primed, and trays all finished and orbed {oil-rubbed bronze}.

we don't have a coffee table at the moment in our living area because our couch has two large ottomans, so i figured the trays would be perfect to eat on while husband and i have dinner and watch the game {i'm sure all you ladies can relate with the basketball going on at the moment!}.

they also have some other uses. i can display things on them, like our blue bottle collection.

i will do another post with the rest of my thrift store makeovers, this is just a preview. coming up is lots more color! 

have a happy weekend all! 

love, kbn

Monday, June 18, 2012

thrift store finds

i found some great treasures at a local thrift store recently. at first glance, i thought i was out of luck, but with a bit of searching, i came across some things with potential. a little tlc and they will be looking great!

what i brought home:

two stools: $16 total
black wire crate: $2
two ceramic bowls: $1 total
red basket: $.75
tea candle holders: $.50 total
milk bottle vase: $.50
two pier 1 bamboo trays: $3 total

total for all the loot: $23.75

i have bought some red spray paint, orb, and some blue, to transform the stools, bamboo trays, and possibly the vase. i can't decide whether to paint the black wire basket a bright fun color, or leave it black. any thoughts? i might use it as a fruit holder, specifically for all the bananas we have (which is tons!). 

the stools aren't really what i imagined for our space, i was thinking more like these beauties...

but for the price, the ones i got will work just fine until we can save up for something more permanent. 

my favorite color scheme is blues, reds, and oranges. i love the combo... a little something like this...

i am still trying to figure out what my style is and what colors i like best, but i do know that i gravitate towards neutral with pops of ocean blues and reds, and a bit of orange and mustard yellow mixed in as well. 

i will be revealing my stool and tray make overs soon, so stay tuned! what do you think i should do about the black wire crate? paint, no paint... i can't decide!

happy monday loyal readers!

love, kbn

Thursday, June 14, 2012

how to series: how to bake beets from scratch

i decided to do a how-to series of posts. my take on how-to's. it might be a little backwards, but informative, and hopefully helpful to someone. this is how i navigate through new tasks to learn new skills in my life. this is how i do it.

second of my how to's is something i thought was very daunting... cooking beets from scratch. in australia, beet's also known as "beetroot " has it's own container in the fridge, and i learned to love them while i was there. as i was looking up the spelling of beetroot (fact about me: i can't spell! just wasn't sure if it had a space or not...), i learned that beetroot is the proper way to say it, us americans just like to be improper and call them beets.

it is so much easier to just pick up a can of beets and call it a day, but it is cheaper (and probably better for you) to buy them fresh and bake them yourself. i found buying just one bunch of beets and baking them, lasted way longer than buying a can. it is also pretty simple.

now, the how to's of it all...

you will need:
a bunch of beets
baking dish (pyrex kind)
an oven

how to do it:
pre-heat your oven to 375 F (190 C)
use a damp paper towel to scrub the beets (no need to peel ahead of time)
place your beets in the baking dish
cover tightly with foil
bake for one hour
when finished, the skin will peel off pretty easy, just use a sharp knife to get it started

be sure to poke your beets to check that they are tender after the hour, and cook longer if necessary.

you can use your beets in plenty of recipes. they are great by themselves, roasted with some olive oil and sea salt. i made a delicious quinoa salad, using chopped beets, cucumber, and black beans. eat them on a burger (yum!)... the possibilities are endless! maybe ill try a beet smoothie next...

do you have any good beet recipes you would like to share? do you cook your beets using a different method?

love, kbn

Monday, June 4, 2012

let's cool down

summer has arrived in utah, and i couldn't be happier! after spending a year in seattle, and feeling like i didn't have a summer at all, i was ready for some sunshine. 

i realize i have been very slack with my blog. i was trying to think about why that is, and i don't think it is lack of inspiration, but just plan lack of time. a lot has been going on in the life of me... a new job, amping up my stationery biz, some hard core yoga classes, and planning summer trips. i have so many diy projects and recipes i want to try. once i get settled in my new job, i hope to not be so slack. 

if you are in the slc area, head over to zen living yoga in the sugarhouse area, for a good sweaty yoga session. seriously... i think i lost about 5 lbs worth of sweat yesterday {never knew i could sweat so much in yoga}. 

the best thing after a hardcore workout in the summer heat... a smoothie of course! {not sure how many more smoothies my blender can handle}.

watermelon smoothie:

what you need:

1 small banana {fresh or frozen}
1/2 small watermelon, chopped
2 tbsp plain non-fat greek yogurt {omit or use soy to make it vegan}
1/2 cup almond milk

blend together and enjoy! it should make about 2 large smoothies. feel free to add berries or more banana for a thicker smoothie.

cantaloupe, banana and avocado smoothie:

what you need:

1/2 banana
1/2 small cantaloupe
slice of avocado
2 tbsp plain non-fat greek yogurt {omit or use soy to make it vegan}
1/2 cup almond milk

blend together and enjoy! this is so tasty - i wasn't sure how the flavors would mix, but it turned out great. it makes one very big smoothie.

have you been creating any unique smoothies lately? i love hearing about new flavors to mix together. 

hope you have a good monday!

love, kbn