Monday, June 18, 2012

thrift store finds

i found some great treasures at a local thrift store recently. at first glance, i thought i was out of luck, but with a bit of searching, i came across some things with potential. a little tlc and they will be looking great!

what i brought home:

two stools: $16 total
black wire crate: $2
two ceramic bowls: $1 total
red basket: $.75
tea candle holders: $.50 total
milk bottle vase: $.50
two pier 1 bamboo trays: $3 total

total for all the loot: $23.75

i have bought some red spray paint, orb, and some blue, to transform the stools, bamboo trays, and possibly the vase. i can't decide whether to paint the black wire basket a bright fun color, or leave it black. any thoughts? i might use it as a fruit holder, specifically for all the bananas we have (which is tons!). 

the stools aren't really what i imagined for our space, i was thinking more like these beauties...

but for the price, the ones i got will work just fine until we can save up for something more permanent. 

my favorite color scheme is blues, reds, and oranges. i love the combo... a little something like this...

i am still trying to figure out what my style is and what colors i like best, but i do know that i gravitate towards neutral with pops of ocean blues and reds, and a bit of orange and mustard yellow mixed in as well. 

i will be revealing my stool and tray make overs soon, so stay tuned! what do you think i should do about the black wire crate? paint, no paint... i can't decide!

happy monday loyal readers!

love, kbn


  1. Good finds Kea and I love the color combo. If your kitchen is drab and dark maybe it would be fun to paint the basket but I like it that color too...painting wire that wide can be a pain.You could even upholster the top of the stools with some foam and cute fabric!

  2. Thanks Meg! I think you are right about the basket, it would be a pain to paint. I'm getting used to it being black too. I painted the stools, so ill update on the new color soon! I like the idea of fabric on the top.