Monday, June 25, 2012

thrift store stool makeover

you remember those $8 stools i bought at the thrift store, in this post? well, they were well overdue for a makeover. i decided if i was going to go with spray paint, i might as well go bold! husband's reaction when i told him what color i was painting them was less than enthusiastic. he just doesn't understand that color can be a good thing. i personally think they turned out great!

the before:

they were not only that standard unfinished wood on top and white paint on bottom, but they had seen better days, with staining and fading on the top of the stools.

the during:

when painting, i used a drop cloth and cardboard outside to save the driveway from being painted and save fumes from flying around everywhere. i primed them with valspar primer, using two thin coats, after using deglosser to get all the dirt and grime off. you are supposed to be able to skip sanding when you use this deglosser. it worked great and saved me a step {plus, i'm not a big fan of sanding}. i used a valspar classic red paint in gloss to spruce up these beauties!

the after:

i think they turned out well. we already have pops of red and blues in our kitchen area, so it just helped to bring out some more colors. we obviously don't have the fanciest kitchen in the world, but that is apartment living for you. i would love to get my hands on those cabinets, change out the linoleum floor and put in hardwoods throughout... just day dreaming until we have our own little home one day.

here is another before and after for your monday viewing pleasure:


happy monday everyone! oh, and does anyone out there in blog world know of a good sealer to protect my wonderful paint job with? husband is worried he is going to get a red arse every time he sits down.

love, kbn

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