Friday, May 4, 2012

6 years, 3 continents, 1 happy marriage

our first picture together 

how i met my husband
tommy and i met 6 years ago at the athens twilight cycling race in athens, ga {which was this past weekend}. tommy was racing and i was a student at uga. a friend of mine was working at karma salon. she asked if a group of us wanted to work at the race, and in return we got our hair done for free. i wasn't going to turn down a free hair cut, being a poor college student, so we got all dolled up and headed to the computrainer race. little did i know that i would be meeting my future husband there. 

i was a podium girl at the race {feel free to have a giggle}, and i was assigned to walk up on stage with tommy's teammate. i was jealous of my friend brittany, that got to walk up with the good looking australian guy. during the race, i kept an eye on that good looking guy and he yelled out to us asking where we were headed off to after the race. he says it was by coincidence that he happened to wander right in front of the one bar {out of the 120+}, that we were in. we had a chat and he got my number before heading off to bed to rest up for the race the next day. 

the phone rang early in the evening the next day, before the race, and it was him. i met up with him before the race so he could give me one of the team shirts. i got front row seats, right by the stage to cheer on my new crush while they flew by, lap after lap. it was the first cycling race i had ever seen in person. after the race, we talked over more than a few beers and ending the night with a kiss. 

britt, britt, brooke, meg, kaysh and me at twilight

we spent many hours on the phone getting to know each other from afar, flights between michigan and georgia to visit, car trips with friends to go to his races... since then we have lived in georgia, belgium, australia, seattle, and now salt lake.

i am lucky to call him my husband and looking forward to many more adventures with him for years to come. the night we met is probably one of the most memorable nights for me so far. we hit it off from the beginning and i am lucky to still be with my best friend. 

our wedding: photo credit whittenberg photography

our wedding: photo credit whittenberg photography

happy 6 years husband!

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