Sunday, February 12, 2012

february date night

 thanks to shannon, i gave husband a year of dates for one of his birthday presents {the BIG present this year being a tv, seen here}. 

we recently went on our february date night. i found out that slc was celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the winter olympics, and they were re-lighting the olympic flame {right up the street from our house}. we got there what we thought was just in time, but not enough time to go inside, so we waited at the gate and watched as they did speeches leading up to the big moment. it turns out, they were having technical difficulties... everyone started walking back out to their cars, and husband turned to me and said "i bet it will go off as soon as everyone leaves", it was right on cue, because... BAM, it goes off! we walked in and enjoyed the moment.

waiting at the gate for the flame to be lit
all the people waiting for the flame
the flame

it was great to see all the people so enthusiastic about the experience. we came back to our place to have hot dogs and s'mores in our living room, a "camping trip!". i made a fort and everything.
eating our s'mores in our make shift fort 
our make shift fort

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