Thursday, February 23, 2012

more park city please

when tommy and i decided to make the move to salt lake city, my first thought was skiing... i love to ski. one of my very first ski trips was to park city with my mom's side of the family, i think i was 7. it was such a wonderful trip and i have loved the thought of park city ever since. 

i am lucky now that i live only about 25 minutes from the park city. i haven't gotten the chance to do much skiing yet, but i have made my way up to beautiful park city plenty of times. 

driving up to p.c.
beautiful mountains on the way up the mountain
downtown park city
me and husband enjoying a coffee downtown
love this photo of husband, at high west distillery & saloon
cheers at high west
me hitting the slopes
lisa, me, and our snowman
me and husband playing in the snow

i will share more of my adventures in pinning soon... more painted mugs, green pancakes, homemade hummus and more!

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