Tuesday, February 7, 2012

v-day nails

i appolgize in advance if anyone reading has a fear of feet. i admit mine are not the most beautiful of feet, but they aren't too bad either, maybe a little on the wide side.

i saw this adorable valentines inspired nail polish idea on pinterest and since i never wear nail polish {on my hands} i thought i would give it a go on my feet! i used essie clambake for the base and added a cute heart using Mabelline sheer ballet pink once i had two good layers of base that were good and dry. i topped it all off with a top coat of clear to seal it so it would last longer. i figured i could try it on my finger nails, but i would just end up taking it off right away, so what is the point?!

essie clambake & mabelline sheer ballet pink

my v-day feet

close up-yikes!

it would have turned out a lot better with a darker, or less sheer color for the top coat. you really do need a steady hand, and it took a few coats to cover the dark base color for the heart. didn't turn out as cute as the inspiration photo, but it is still fun!

ill be spending my v-day alone with a sappy movie and popcorn (and probably chocolate) while husband is away at his team training camp. any suggestions for a good chick-flick?

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