Friday, February 10, 2012

a healthy baked breakfast

i know i said i would try to make chocolate covered katie's banana butter, and i did try it, but it was early morning and i didn't have time to take a photo before leaving for work. i used a bit more banana than i probably should have for the amount of peanut butter i had left, so it had a strong banana taste. i spread the mixture on my sandwich and had it for lunch, and it tasted like banana bread! yum! ill try this again now that i have more peanut butter. 

feeling more adventurous, i decided to make CCK's cookie dough boatmeal {sounds delicious-i know!}. i made it at night, knowing i had to be in to work at 7am and i also doubled the recipe so husband could try some as well when he woke up {hours after i did}. pictures of my creation below and the recipe can be found here

it was moist and delicious

sprinkled with cinnamon

i made it with a banana {maybe ill try applesauce next time i make it}

thanks katie, for all your delicious recipes! i already tried some others too!

ill share mine and tommy's february date night next-we saw the re-lighting of the slc olympic flame and had a camping trip {in our living room}


  1. Awww thank you so so much for such kind posts. You put a huge smile on my face :).

    1. thanks for the comment katie! very sweet of you to take the time to comment on my little blog! by the way, i can't stop making all your delicious recipes :)