Wednesday, March 14, 2012

back it up!!

i am talking about your computer... i was always one of those people that listened to everyone say "you need to back up your computer" and i would say, "yeah, ill get to it one day". i never did back it up, and yesterday, i almost lost everything! 

i went to turn my computer on and got a very scary flashing folder with a question mark in it... all you mac users, if you ever see this, it means your hard drive is failing. don't panic {like i did}. calmly look up your closest mac store, make an appointment with a genius, wrap up your sick computer and take it in for a check up. my mac genius put me in an even bigger panic when he told me i would have to take it to a place that could recover all my data before there was anything they could do, otherwise i would lose everything...
if you see this... take your computer in to the emergency room asap!

i took my mac to simply mac here in salt lake city. they were super nice and checked my computer in to be looked at. thankfully, i got a phone call less than an hour later saying they ran some tests and found some issues with my hard drive and my battery was losing it's life, but my computer was turning on and my data was still there... thank you computer gods! {they even replaced my key board for free due to some cracks caused by manufacture issues}. it didn't cost me one cent!

the moral of my story... back up your computer!! go to best buy, buy an external hard drive. i bought the seagate goflex for mac. plug it in and sync it with time machine {if you have a mac}. it takes about an hour, depending on the amount of data on your computer, and it is totally worth it. my computer is about 4 years old, and my hard drive might crash on me eventually, but i will not panic now, because i have all my data safely stored on my external hard drive! 

sorry for the wordy post... i made st. patty's day oatmeal this morning, ill be sharing my recipe up next!

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