Sunday, March 11, 2012

training while under the weather

should you train while you are sick? in my opinion, it all depends on how sick you really are. this past week, i was feeling very under the weather and i took a day off of training, i had two rest days and felt a lot better on my next run. i decided that instead of trying to make up for my lost run, i would run a mile more than i was supposed to on my next scheduled run and focus on getting better. 

i also ran my longest run to date this week, despite being sick. 8 miles! i feel like i am on track for a good half marathon. i have learned a lot about running so far, from reading running blogs and from personal experience. some blogs to check out are walk to the mail box and fit chick in the city.

running tips from a beginner:
-make a schedule and stick to it {lots of good sites for this, check out this post}
-listen to your body {if your body screams NO because of an injury or sickness, listen and slow down}
-every one is different when it comes to nutrition {i have learned that i need to eat something before a long run, but only if it will take over an hour, otherwise i run on an empty stomach}
-invest in good shoes {your feet are one of the most important tools in your running, treat them well}
-chafing sucks! {i have learned this the hard way... ill be buying aquaphor and good quality sports bras soon}

i have also learned that you don't have to deprive yourself of tasty foods while keeping up a healthy lifestyle. i like to treat myself and stay healthy at the same time. as you can see, i have posted lots of healthy {yet tasty} recipes and have learned to cook along the way.

this strawberry banana "milkshake" is one of my latest favorite treats. 

frozen strawberries
 one ripe banana
1 tsp of peanut butter
2-3 T of plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup of almond milk {of your milk of choice}
i added some semi-sweet chocolate chips to my milkshake for an extra sweet treat!


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