Friday, March 23, 2012

a day on the slopes

i had a visitor this past weekend, my mom! we had the best time skiing and exploring around my new city. some tips if you don't have season passes for the slopes... look at pre-sale lift ticket deals. you can find some great deals on lift tickets and rentals if you plan ahead. click here to go to the park city mountain resort site and view some amazing deals. 

my mom and i needed rentals as well as tickets and got ours for only $78 {including rentals}. for anyone who goes skiing, you know that is a great deal! an all day ticket can run up to $96 on it's own without rental, so do your homework.

more tips to save money on a ski day at park city:
-take snacks with you to eat on the slopes {raisins, nuts and fruit are great to fuel up}
-buy a hot drink {or cold beer!} for lunch and save your cash for a big dinner later
-eat at bar boheme, the bar at easy street in downtown{tasty, reasonably priced food with great atmosphere}
-ski on off days if you can {avoid weekends and holidays}

mom & i at the start of our day

the sun came out for us

fresh powder

mid afternoon hot chocolate break

skis at the mid mountain lodge

skiing down

i am lucky to only live about 25 minutes away from the ski resorts. the resorts open around 9am, and it takes a while to get rental equipment sorted, so get there early. i hope to get set up with my own ski gear soon.

if you are not lucky enough to live a short drive from the slopes, look into places to stay in salt lake rather than park city. many hotels offer ski deals and there are city buses that go up to park city. it will save you money and you can enjoy all that salt lake has to offer while you are there!

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