Friday, March 2, 2012

homemade lara bars

my husband is a cyclist for the competitive cyclist team. he has to eat a lot of calories to get energy for long rides and all those power/energy bars get expensive! while browsing the recipes section of the chocolate covered katie blog, i came across these

i just had to make them, and they turned out delicious. i was a bit skeptical that they would stay together. as you see below, i put them in plastic bags, weighed them out to about 50g or less and smashed them together while in the bag {they bind together great}. i shaped them into bars and squares, wrapped them in plastic wrap and stored them in the fridge for husband {and me} to grab on the go. 

mixing the ingredients
weighing out the ingredients in a plastic baggie 
shaping into bars while keeping my hands clean
oatmeal raisin cookie bars--recipe found here
hot fudge brownie bars--recipe found here

the recipes for these bars can be found here. i made the oatmeal raisin cookie bars and hot fudge brownie bars. while making both, i used a mix of nuts rather than walnuts {only because i didn't have walnuts at home}. i used a mix of unsalted peanuts, almonds and cashews. also, while making the hot fudge brownie bars, i used dates and raisins. i doubled both recipes, to make more bars and stored them in the fridge. 

i definitely recommend making these bars! 

half marathon training update:
i am up to 16 miles total this week running. i know that is not much compared to many runners, but i am proud that i am sticking to my training schedule {despite lots of snow on the ground at the moment}. i am gradually increasing my miles each week to get up to 26 in my longest running week. speaking of my training, i am off for a run! happy friday everyone :) 

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