Monday, March 5, 2012

for the love of kale

husband and i have added kale as a staple on our grocery list. it is one of those foods that lately has become very popular and i was never interested in eating it until now. leafy greens never really interested me, but now that i realize how many different ways there are to eat them, i think they are delicious.

i found this nutrition breakdown from 
Nutrition Breakdown
Per 1 cup cooked, chopped:Calories: 36 kcalFat: 0.52 gFiber: 2.6 g = 10 percent of DRI*+Vitamin A: 885 mcg** = 126 percent of DRIVitamin C: 53.3 mg = 71 percent of DRIVitamin K: 1,062.1 mcg = 1,180 percent of DRICalcium: 94 mg = 9 percent of DRIIron: 1.1 7 mg = 7 percent of DRI
i have made lots of different recipes using kale.
remember my green smoothie... it is even better with kale than spinach. and my spaghetti squash pizza that i made for myself on valentines day.i recently made this pizza using whole grain dough from whole foods. i topped it with chicken, onion, and garlic. i put kale on one side with olive oil and pizza sauce and cheese on the other.
i have also made kale chips. they are great to snack on by themselves. or you can enjoy them with popcorn, mixed in dishes, or here i made cheesy baked black beans with avocado and enjoyed them on top of a plate of kale chips!

kale chips:
break the kale leaves from the stemswash and drybreak into bite size pieces and spread on a baking sheetsprinkle with olive oiladd spicesi used salt and pepper and a small shake of chili powder
bake for 15-20 minutes at about 350 Fbe sure to watch your kale chips so they don't burn
enjoy with all sorts of different combos, or by themselves!

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