Friday, January 13, 2012

adventures in knitting (my failed attempt)

One week and I am still blogging away, hooray! Is anyone actually reading this? If so, great and thank you! If not, well, that's OK... I am not looking for a flock of followers, rather just a way to inspire myself to feel inspired. Are you inspired yet? What inspires you to be a doer and not just a "pinner"?
I added some of my oh so favorite blogs, so maybe you will also find some inspiration in the blogosphere world.
If you haven't noticed yet; I can't spell, my grammar is atrocious, I make up words and I am perfectly ok with my imperfections. Hopefully my loyal readers don't mind, and if my imperfect grammar and spelling drives you crazy, you can correct me all you want, I need an English lesson every now and then.
I am going to tackle another pin today, which I will share tomorrow. In the mean time I am sharing a photo of the stocking I tried to knit for my husband...

I got distracted by the "bad luck comes in three's" kind of weeks and my amazing mom came to the rescue so it would actually be done before Christmas, thanks mom! Maybe ill tackle another adventure in knitting soon (and actually finish it)... hmmm, what to knit next? Maybe ill turn into one of those crazy ladies who knits something for everything... need a sweater for your bike husband?
 photo courtesy of

Then again... maybe not so much.

Some photos of the finished stocking(s) and my quick trip back home for Christmas with the family.

Reading, The Night Before Christmas with Omi

Mine and Tommy's first tree!

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