Sunday, January 22, 2012

learning to use my camera

My birthday wish last year (in May 2011) was to get a fancy camera. I chose the Nikon D5100, for no other reason than I had to choose one really. I heard all the arguments about whether Nikon or Canon was better, and I personally liked the feel of the Nikon better than Canon (totally a personal preference).

i got my nikon as an early birthday present in my easter basket

It took a good 8 months before I finally got around to taking a class to learn how to properly use my fancy camera. If anyone in the SLC area is looking to learn how to use their DSLR camera, look into Pictureline. They offer very affordable classes and even give you a $20 gift card at the end of the class that you can use toward purchasing merchandise in the store! 

They taught the simple concepts that most consumers don't really "get" when they buy a DSLR. I now understand that ISO changes the sensor sensitivity to light, the lower the number, the more light is needed. I learned in a low light situation you actually need to turn your flash down (opposite than what you might think) and in bright light you turn your flash up. I learned that all those blurry photos I was getting was caused by my shutter speed being too slow. And that changing your WB (white balance) can make those funky orange, or way too blue colors go away.

Here are some examples of how changing your white balance and ISO can totally change the color and feel of a photo. My husband will probably not appreciate me putting these up... sorry!

before i changed the white balance from auto to incandescent

after i fixed the white balance and turned my ISO up

the winter wonderland we woke up to-a bit blue because my white balance was still set on incandescent 

after changing my white balance to an outdoor setting and turing my ISO down since the light was brighter outside
It is all about learning your camera's settings and then practice, practice, practice... I'm looking forward to eventually being able to pick up my camera and automatically choose a setting based on the situation.

It was my husbands birthday yesterday, so I have been busy trying to surprise him with his BIG present this year and making my mom's delicious pizza cake recipe we got every year on our birthday growing up. Ill share what the BIG surprise was next, as well as the amazing pizza cake recipe!

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