Sunday, January 29, 2012


I'm PINNING! Kind of like WINNING, but better :)

I found this amazing date's for a year idea on pinterest, originally pinned from here.


What a great idea! I wanted to create my own version of this to give to my husband on his birthday. It worked out great since he has a January birthday. You create a different date for each month, I looked at our cities events calendar to get ideas of sporting events and free concerts going on each month, then thought up a creative date that me and husband haven't done before or at least haven't done for a while. It will be great to look forward to a different fun date each month, and it won't break the bank either. Husband decided to wait to open the date cards each month, then we will put it on the calendar so we are sure to actually go on the date!

I used things I already had lying around the house to save money; envelopes, stationary cards, tape and scissors. I also re-used a box I had from Christmas to store them. It might not be as cute as Shannon's version, and I am no scrapbook extraordinaire like her, but it's the date's themselves that really count! 

January date envelop 

July - a bike ride to a free concert at pioneer park and dinner at tasty thai on the way

date envelopes

date box

I'll update on the dates as we go on them. We already went on our January date. An IMAX movie and dinner out on the way. Tommy and I are movie junkies, but don't tend to actually go out to the movies very often, we usually watch them in the comfort of our own home. It's always nice to get out and see one on the big screen!

Thanks Shannon for the wonderful idea!

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