Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pining to create more of my pins

I recently took down our Christmas decorations (always a sad day). I made a wreath using garland and a hanger to make our door more festive for Christmas and when I took it down I was feeling the door was a bit bare... so I took an idea I got from pinterest and created a year round wreath using burlap. 

I also used a hanger that I shaped into a wreath shape and found a strand of burlap at Michaels. It was nice since I didn't have to cut the burlap or hanger down to size. 

I scrunched up the burlap and strung it on to the hanger until I got a full effect. 

 The burlap wreath would be cute with a red ribbon at Christmas too, or you can switch up the color depending on the mood or season. Now I have two wreaths I can choose from during the holidays and one I can keep up all year!

Have you stopped pressing the "pin this" button long enough to actually create any of your pins? I want to hear about your wonderful creations! This blog post from the wonderful younghouselove blog helped inspire me to get off my lazy arse and actually do, rather than just dream of doing one day, maybe, if I get around to it... Thanks yhl and Bower Power for having a part in my new resurgence to be a doer!

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