Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our life around the world...

I mentioned in my first post that Tommy and I have travelled the world. We are fortunate enough to be only twenty something and have lived on three different continents. I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from the places I have called home, and adventures we have embarked on. 

I now have a fancy camera, a Nikon 5100 and am determined to learn how to properly use it. I actually just signed up for a photography class this month, so stay tuned for some good photos ahead! These photos do not reflect the photographer that I hope to some day be, but will give you an idea of the journey my life has taken me on.

The Southeast... One of our trips to Hilton Head, S.C., where I grew up going to the beach with my family.

Melbourne, Australia. I fell in love with this city from the minute I arrived.

Phillip Island, Australia... Where Tommy and I got engaged!

Sunshine Coast, Australia... A tropical paradise. 

Brugge, Belgium (we called Belgium home for 6 months).


Mount Rainer, Washington.

Washington State (our home for one year).

Vancouver, B.C. (one of our adventures).

Utah (the place we currently call home).

Life is and adventure and I am so lucky to get to travel the world with my best friend.

Stay tuned for some more adventures in "pinning". I have some projects in the works, a DIY hair piece for one of my best friends upcoming weddings, a DIY wreath that can be used for any season and trying to organize a closet full of scarves (I have SO many scarves)...

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