Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making a dream (or pin) come true!

I found some inspiration from these paper bird ornaments I found online... I of course went straight to my browser to "pin" those cute ornaments to my Pinterest account. For anyone reading that might not know what Pinterest is; it is an amazing website, created for people to share and organize all the wonderful things you come across on the web that you find inspirational, quirky, beautiful... It is pretty much the best website ever, and it is my newest procrastination tool.

I have decided to take some initiative and actually create some of these things I spend so much time "pinning".

The birds I got my inspiration from are from the Better Homes & Gardens website (I haven't figured out how to copy the photo directly to my blog yet = new to blogging)

Here are the templates I created myself... I decided to tweak it a bit and make it my own. Feeling inspired, I even created a butterfly and flower template.

The finished product! They could be cute as Christmas ornaments, a mobile for a baby (you could change the paper to make it for a boy), a gift topper, or just hanging in your windows.

Stay tuned for more creations... ill try to post a few of my "pins" a week, from crafts to recipes... straight off my Pinterest account. Ill also be rambling on about our new life in SLC. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Keally, what a great idea. : )
    I look forward to more of your creations, they always inspire me to use my imagintion.

    Love , Katie.