Friday, April 13, 2012

clucky much?

for those of you out there that don't know what clucky means...

Australian informal  (of a woman) 
  1. wishing to have a baby
  2. excessively protective towards her children

i'm not ready for a baby yet, but looking at my stationary lately, i think i have babies on the brain. when you reach your mid-twenties, babies start popping up everywhere! no matter how much you try to deny your baby desires, it's hard to hide when your friends start having gorgeous, squishy, squeezable babies. i had the honor of creating my namesakes baptism invites, shown below. please visit my etsy shop to view a full collection. i love custom orders, so let me know if you have an idea i can help you with.


below are some recent orders printed out and getting them all ready to ship! 

 i recently found a great idea called the smile project. i challenge you all to play along. write down something that makes you smile every day for one year. i will be updating mine every week or so here on my blog. 


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