Friday, April 20, 2012

half marathon prep day

i am running my first half marathon tomorrow. i am surprisingly not too nervous, and just taking it easy so my legs are well rested. this photo sums up my morning...

i am about to head down to pick up my race packet, the nerves might start kicking in after that. being a total half marathon rookie, i don't really know what to expect, but i have spent a lot of time reading running blogs, like fit chick in the city, and walk to the mail box. thanks for all the advise ladies! 

here is the schedule i have put together for myself for tomorrow: 
4:00 am - wake up and eat breakfast, then go back to sleep
5:30/5:45 am - wake up {again} and prepare for the race
6:30 am - head to the start
7:00 am - start the race!

i want my stomach to have plenty of time to digest before the race, and also want to be well rested... who knows how i will be feeling come morning, but we will see! i also mentioned before that i lost a week and a half of training due to an injured leg. well, the leg is feeling okay and i am hoping i can make it thought the 13.1 miles with out too much pain or suffering. i believe i can do it! wish me luck!

i found this idea recently, called the smile project. i decided to put together my own, here is what i have so far!

keally's smile project:

1st lazy, rainy sunday and a delicious dinner at a friends house
2nd FREE sports injury consultation (anything free makes me smile)
3rd giving husband a late night haircut in our kitchen (it was a success!)
4th picking up our beautifully painted scooter and a quick late night visit to friends
5th sunny morning walk, and trying a new dinner recipe
6th snow on my way to work, sun on my way home (two of my favorite things)
7th morning jog in the mountains with gorgeous views
8th lovely warm easter, celebrated with friends in park city
9th news of a potential new career
10th coming home to dinner cooked by husband and a beer
11th meeting my husband for lunch during an afternoon run
12th my first time being a grown up and doing my own taxes (and getting money back)
13th caine’s arcade (watch it, it will make you smile too)
14th running 5 miles straight without my leg hurting & a $10 trial gym membership
15th husband home from being away!!
16th shopping day with husband
17th impromptu late afternoon nap
18th impromptu dinner with friends
19th using the new rice cooker to make recipes with husbands help
20th lazy day off, getting ready for my first half marathon!!

i will keep updating my smile project every day. it is a great idea to remember the simple pleasures in life. 

love, kbn

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