Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how to deal with training injuries

i was following a nice half marathon training schedule, found here. i had gotten up to a 10 mile run, my shorter runs were getting faster... i figured i was on the right track for meeting my half marathon goal of 2 hours. 

that was until i hurt my leg. i went out for a leisurely 6 mile run, and as soon as i put pressure on my right leg, i was in agonizing pain. 

due to timing at work, i don't have health insurance set up yet, so i went to salt lake regional sports medicine and had a free sports injury consultation. they weren't able to tell me exactly what was wrong without doing scans and imaging, but they believe i either partially tore or badly strained my acl... no fun!

i took about a week and a half off of training due to my pain. rested, iced and compressed my leg and slowly eased back into training. i now only have 10 days until my half marathon and missed out on quiet a bit of training. i have decided to still try to run {or walk} the half marathon. i will probably have to walk part of it and i'm okay with that. 

at least i found an amazing running spot for my first run/jog back after my week and a half hiatus. 

i am already looking into signing up for another half marathon to do once my leg is fully healed. 

i am no expert on sports, sports injuries or running, but i have learned a lot along my journey. check out fit chick in the city and walk to the mailbox for great running inspiration and tips. 

love, kbn

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