Monday, April 23, 2012

half marathon recap

i woke up at 4:00 am, ate rice mashed with bananas and agave nectar {weird, but good, and agrees with my belly}, a piece of toast with almond butter and drank a big glass of water and a coffee. i went back to bed for about an hour and a half, though i couldn't sleep because i was getting nervous. i got back up, got dressed, stretched, and waited for husband to wake up and drive me to the race start at 6:30. 

i found a friend at the start. hi kelsey! 

we luckily found an open building while we jogged to the start to stop in for a toilet break. good thing, because the lines for the porta-potty's were ridiculous! she was planning on finishing in about 1:30 and i figured i would come in about and hour after that, so i made my way to the middle of the masses and she made her way to the front. 

the weather was perfect! flowers blooming, blue skies, about 55 F at the start. i was feeling great and found a pacer that was doing a 9:55 minute mile, planning on finishing in 2:10. i started running along side him and felt like i could keep that pace. the first 10 miles, i felt great. my legs started getting tired as we were running out of sugarhouse park, but a girl named grace, who also had an injured leg, was encouraging me to keep going... thanks grace! 

i was way ahead of my planned pace and looked for my husband along the way, but figured he might not be expecting me to come in to the finish when i did. the uphill along state street was brutal! it seemed a lot steeper than it was, and my pace really slowed down at that point. i turned the left at the top of the hill and saw the finish in the distance, i knew at that point that i did it, and slowly enjoyed my last bit of the run into the finish. the salt lake city half marathon was organized so well, lots of support, and a band playing at the finish. it took a while for me to find husband, but i was enjoying the warm weather and atmosphere while i waited. i did it in 2:12, not the fasted, but faster than i expected. 
happy first half marathon to me!!

after the finish, we headed up to park city. it was husband's turn to race! some friends of ours organized a training bike race, and kelsey and i got to be the support. 

here is the group at the montage at deer valley.

evan and tommy riding up to the finish.

me and husband, both happy to be finished with our workouts for the day.

my legs are killing me! it might take a week to recover, but i am so glad i did it.

has anyone else done their first half or marathon recently? are you planning to do one? 
if i can do it, so can you!

love, kbn

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