Monday, April 9, 2012

mustache anyone?

i hope everyone had a happy easter weekend. husband and i had a lazy morning. he woke up early to watch perry roubaix, i slept in, and then we enjoyed a lazy morning on the couch with coffee and easter eggs. i also had a nice long walk in the sun, while husband went for a bike ride. we then had a delicious meal at a friends house up in park city. happy easter for sure!  

now, let's talk about the mustache... i'm not sure what the obsession is with facial hair these days, but i like it. i don't really want to see husband with a mustache, but the fake variety is just lovely. 

husband did try a faint mustache out for a little while, but i felt like he looked like a lumberjack with his red 'stache. i wish i had a photo of it! 

i took more inspiration from pinterest to paint myself some mustache mugs. remember these mugs that i painted a while back? i had two extra plain old boring white mugs, and decided to do something different with them. 

step by step:
1. clean your mugs with soap and water and let dry
2. free hand any mustache you desire with the pebeo paint in black (found at most craft stores)
3. let dry for 24 hours 
4. bake your mugs at 350 degrees F for 30-45 minutes (let sit in the oven until cool)
5. enjoy your new morning mustache!

love, kbn

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