Monday, April 2, 2012

easter decor

i thought our little apartment needed a little easter cheer. i found on pinterest {surprise, surprise}, some easter egg decor made out of paint chips. they are free to make and super easy, right up my alley! 

husband and i were at lowes picking up some spray paint for our scooter makeover {a post on that to come}, so i picked up some paint chips in various colors to create some easter eggs while we were there.

i drew an egg shape on the back of a paint chip and cut it out. i then used it as a guide to trace the shape onto all the other paint chips. i decided to leave the white line in various shapes on each egg to add a bit of a pattern. 

i couldn't find any clear fishing line to hang these eggs up, but i did have some pink thread that i figured wouldn't get used otherwise to "sew" onto each egg.

i hung them on a bare wall to take some photos, then decided to give them a home up in our kitchen window above the sink. it was the perfect quick project to do, that i won't feel bad taking back down in a week.

more to come soon on our big scooter re-do... it was pink, like pepto bismol pink, and although some people might like pink vehicles, we were not too enthusiastic about cruising around town on a barbie pink scooter. i will give all the juicy details and tips on how to paint a scooter {or anything plastic for that matter} in my next post. 

happy easter week everyone!

some of the first signs of spring outside of our apartment. 

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