Thursday, April 5, 2012

how to paint a scooter

husband brought home a lovely pink scooter a while back... here she is in all her glory...

we decided right away that she needed a make over. as beautiful she was barbie pink, we didn't really think we would enjoy riding around town on a bright pink scooter.

we didn't pay too much for it and thought we didn't want to invest too much in painting it either. we took a trip to our local lowes and bought some spray paint. after doing some research (and some trial and error) we found it was best to buy the nicer stuff. we got the rust-oleum universal paint & primer in one, any surface (look for one that includes plastic) in flat black. we also bought some tape in two different widths to add a bit of detail. we didn't spend more than $20 on the whole project and we think it turned out great!

step by step:
1st - wash your scooter and dry it very well
2nd - tape off any areas that you want to leave un-painted
3rd - take off any areas that can easily be removed and put back on later
4th - use a fine grade sandpaper to rough up the areas you are painting (250-300 grade)
5th - wipe your scooter with a damp cloth and dry again, after sanding
6th - spray away! hold the spray can about 12" away and move back and forth, do not spray too thick in any area, do 2-3 light coats, waiting about 20-30 minutes in between coats.

we decided on pink racing stripes

my reflection while taping off the mirrored areas

the guys, working on removing all the bits and pieces

taken apart and ready to paint

our naked scooter, how embarrassing!

about to start the painting, bye bye pink!

here she is! all new and ready to ride!

flat black with shiny pink racing stripes

detail of the flat black paint color

we still may paint the pink stripes another color, any suggestions? i was thinking chrome silver, or yellow!

can't wait to ride around town on our custom ride

here is a before and after shot of our new and improved scooter

how do you think it turned out? any color suggestions if we decide to change the pink?

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