Monday, April 30, 2012

diy monday: art with paint chips

it is easy to be creative and artistic, even if you don't think you are either of those things. i shared my easter decorations that i found inspiration from on pinterest {which is still hanging up by the way}. after i made the easter art, i had scraps left over from the paint chips and thought i could easily make something out of them. 

they almost got thrown away by husband a few times, so i thought i should get to it before they became trash. i took a piece of white A4 computer paper, double sided tape, and my paint chip scraps. i cut them into triangles and squares of varied sizes and started playing until i came up with some designs i liked. 

wouldn't this be cute in a kids room? or as decor for a kids party? 

i just used a frame i already had that was the same size as the paper. 

i also can imagine using paint chips to make a larger piece of art, or something more sophisticated to use as art in our place. the possibilities are endless for, free, cute art, so get to it!

my husband and i just had our 6 year anniversary of the day we met! i have been reminiscing over old photos, and ill be sharing that story with you soon.

love, kbn

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